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Planning and Consulting Projects


Since 1981, Ms. Leora Jaeger, President of LJS Consulting, Inc. has taken lead roles in planning projects throughout the nation and in New Mexico.  From 1981 to 2002, Ms. Jaeger participated in public transportation planning and implementation projects in New Mexico, New York, Massachusetts, and Texas . From 2002 through 2009, Ms. Jaeger served as the planning consultant for the Sandoval County Community Health Alliance (New Mexico), which included work in small rural Hispanic communities, and ten tribal communities. Ms Jaeger was the lead in preparing over $1.5 million successful grant applications to support unmet community health needs in the County.  LJS Consulting has prepared community health profiles for the Sandoval County and Bernalillo County Health Councils. From 2002-20012 Ms. Jaeger was the co-lead for MyCommunityNM, New Mexico's  only bi-lingual, on-line community resource directory, and Ms. Jaeger has served as a consultant to SHARE New Mexico since 2012.  


Environmental Projects


Dr. Malcolm Siegel, the Vice President of LJS Consulting, has completed a wide range projects while an employee at Sandia National Laboratories and more recently, as an employee of LJS Consulting, Inc.  During his 30-year career at Sandia National Laboratories (1981-2011), Dr. Siegel led research teams involved in studies of environmental geochemistry, groundwater remediation, and drinking water treatment. These projects supported the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Site (WIPP), the Yucca Mountain Project, the DOE Innovative Treatment and Remediation Demonstration program. Dr. Siegel also assisted small businesses in New Mexico in projects dealing with uranium mining and treatment of groundwaters with high radionuclide and arsenic levels in rural New Mexico.  Since joining LJS Consulting, Inc. in 2011, Dr. Siegel has supported projects ranging from the evaluation of the impact of quality improvement initiatives of the Envision school-based health care programs, assessment of arsenic exposure in a case-control study examining the relationship between skin cancer, arsenic exposure and sunlight exposure, design of engineering studies to evaluate the performance of a new materials for removal of radionuclides form water.   


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