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Who We Are



LJS Consulting, Inc is woman-owned small business that has provided consulting services to the transportation and public health planning sectors since 1988 and to the environmental science and education sectors since 2010.

Why Choose Us?



We provide a broad range of training, skills and experience that connects environmental and earth sciences, environmental treatment technology, environmental education,  medical geology, epidemiology, public health planning, public transportation planning and marketing, and access to community resources. Our staff brings the benefits of masters-level and  doctoral training at prestigious universities in these fields, more than 65 years of professional experience, affiliation with local universities, National Laboratories and educational organizations, and ongoing participation in relevant projects at the local, national and international scales.




The portfolio of past and current projects carried out by the Principals at LJS Consulting, Inc. includes studies that range from public health and transportation planning studies to laboratory studies for drinking water treatment to environmental epidemiological studies.

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